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I began drawing odd creatures and other unusual subjects in grade school without really knowing whether anyone had ever drawn such things before. In public school, I was given the distinct impression that drawing such subjects was not a good idea. But somehow that didn't stop me.

It was only later that I had, perhaps by chance, stumbled into a long tradition going back to medieval times and before.

In history books and museums, I saw pictures of gargoyles on cathedrals and strange creatures on African masks and Mayan ruins. And as I grew older, I found Goya's Black Paintings, Renaissance grotesque drawings, Redon's etchings, Kubin's drawings, and, in the 20th Century, the whole of German and Russian Expressionism, especially works by Beckmann, Malevich, Schiele, Marc, Jawalensky and the Blau Reiter group generally.

 If I have a "Mission Statement," it is to be part of this long tradition and to the best of my ability to perpetuate and expand it. Most of my work is on paper. Pen and ink, marker, crayon, watercolor, and acrylic. I do some oil, usually on heavy paper that has been coated with acrylic gesso.

I am largely self-taught but have studied briefly at Purchase College and for many years at the Art Students League of New York.  One of my earliest influences was Edward Millman, a WPA muralist WWII combat artist, and teacher. My work has been shown widely in the New York City area and is collections in both Europe and the United States.